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Your Practical 3-Month Campaign Kickoff: A Tech Company’s Guide to Cutting Through the Noise


Unlock 18 pages of tech marketing brilliance including ready-to-use templates.

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This guide will help you to:


  • Stop wasting time and resources: with ready-to-use strategies for influencer outreach, media engagement, and buzz-building.
  • Secure valuable media coverage: you will learn how to engage with tech journalists and craft compelling pitches.
  • Be prepared for release day: from website optimisation to social media scheduling, you’ll have everything in place for a successful campaign.
  • Grow your audience before the go-live date: with proven social media strategies and tried-and-tested tools. 
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What’s included:


  • A three-month campaign plan: 18 pages of juicy to-dos, tips and ready-to-copy templates to help you prepare for success.
  • Influencer outreach strategies: you’ll learn how to target the right tech influencers, craft personalised messages, and build relationships that lead to successful collaborations.
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Bonus materials:

You’ll unlock exclusive influencer email templates, social media campaign ideas, and tools to streamline your marketing efforts.

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Stop wasting time, start seeing ROI.

Master tech campaigns like a pro.